It’s the small things


This is a picture of a nest that I pass every day at least twice and each time I think, I should take a picture of that. For me, it symbolizes the simple yet very complex things we take for granted. I’m not sure why it took me so long to finally take the pic. Would people see me and wonder what I was doing? Am I just that lazy? Or is it that I don’t stop to appreciate the small stuff. Hmm.


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Let me introduce myself

(Stands up) Hello…My name is Amy and I am a blogging newbie.

So, I am fairly new to blogging and absolutely new to WordPress, so this should be interesting.  I don’t consider myself creative nor witty.  So why create a blog, you ask?  (you did ask, didn’t you?)  Because I have things to say and I will be too cool when I can tell people that I have a blog at WordPress.  (Lord, please let it still be cool)

I am a 43 year old woman who went back to college full-time last year after a pretty long hiatus and am majoring in Information Science.  Don’t get too excited you IFSC people out there – I have already changed my major 5 times since 1986.  Needless to say I have taken a shitpile of courses that I don’t need.  I work full-time at the university that I attend, am married and have two cats.  Oh yeah and in 2009 I had lap-band surgery and am not yet at my goal.  That pretty much sums up my life.  I don’t have time for much else.    The advantage of working at the school, in addition to the tuition discount, is that they “get it” when you are overwhelmed with classes or studying.

Early on in this maiden post, I should have mentioned that I tend to ramble and am ADD.  So hang on – it may be a bumpy ride.


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